The Paraplegic gardener.

The paraplegic gardener

Having suffered an Aortic dissection last April (2016) I have been left in a wheelchair and not wanting to just sit around twiddling my thumbs I have been getting back into gardening. This site along with my Blogs and Vlogs will follow our journey with stuff we grow and the things we make with the produce.

If you can't take the heat - stay out of the kitchen.

Blogs and Vlogs

I am trying to keep progress documented with Vlogs and Blogs. You can check out my Vlogs on YouTube using the link in the title, please like, comment and Subscribe as it helps my channel out a lot. Also I'll be doing written Blogs which you can find below.

A weed is but an unloved flower.

Lots going on!

As the title suggests! There is a lot going on and a lot in the pipe line. Please keep checking back on here and our other social media sites (links throughout the website) for up and coming projects.

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